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red cross private swim lessons 

age 6 month and up/specializes in adults

It is never too early or too late to learn to swim.  

Swim Lessons with Suzi Teitelman 

In Jacksonville Beach, FL since 2011

"Suzi is playing chess and all the other swim schools are playing checkers!"

"It truly is completely different this time, so I thank you!"

"My  3 year old has been at Swim Safari for 2 years, and she learned more in 2 lessons with Suzi, than in all the time in group lessons."

I honestly can't make these reviews up!  I love my students and I love teaching swimming!

Suzi Teitelman, Red Cross Water Safety Instructor 


​You may be wondering whether to go to the local "swim safari" and do group lessons, or go straight to the most efficient way for a swimmer to learn, private one on one lessons.

Almost half of Swim Lesson Suzi's clients have already spent tons of money and time at local swim schools...and they or their kids did not learn to swim. There was more sitting on the steps, hanging on the walls, and having fear, than learning to swim. 

That won't happen at Swim Lesson Suzi.  After years and years of teaching swim lessons, Suzi Teitelman is highly experienced and efficient in teaching swimming and water safety.  Adults and children will learn with her Red Cross training techniques.

You will be swimming in only days with Suzi.

Swim Lesson Suzi, is night and day from the chaos of group swim lessons. 

Suzi also specializes in teaching adults who never learned to swim, or who had a traumatic experience that kept them from learning.  Suzi has a way of making the water a comfortable exciting experience, and takes the fear out of being in the water.  Suzi teaches many adults who are entering into the Navy and armed forces that require swimming techniques that you may not know.

Those getting ready for triathlons, Suzi can help.

Get your child ready for swim team!  Suzi is great with strokes, form and swim team readiness.  All of Suzi's kids who swim on teams, are huge winners!

Suzi has a 2 year old, who is swimming!  Meet Ari and see what a child is able to do.

Located in beautiful Jacksonville Beach, FL at 10th ave south and 5th st.  

Lessons are in Suzi's secluded, private, quiet, tree lined backyard.  There are 2 beautiful comfy areas for the parents to sit and watch.  One sunny sitting area, and one shaded by our hundred year old oak tree.  Even an area for parents to watch but be hidden from view.  Usually parents stay and watch the lessons.  Normally parents don't get in the water with the kids, unless directed.

The beautiful, pond like pool is 25 x 12 ft, salt water, and built in 2011 under a hundred year old oak tree.

The pool was built specifically for learning and instruction with different depths and islands. This enables the student to learn to swim in shallow water, as well as swim and tread water in the deep end.  

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